The EMS Transport System is Running LIVE                       Show 'How To' Windows...

The Basic Flow of Operations -   NOTE: "APP" versions may look a bit different from images posted

Personnel at JC Blair will Create a database record requesting Transport on a specific day and time (link). It will be marked as "pending' until all necessary information has been filled out.

When the request is ready, they will POST it to the Transport Request webpage (link). It will then be marked as "open" and ready to be Accepted by an EMS organization.

EMS Personnel (who sign up - see later notes) will receive an email Notifying them a Request has been Posted (link)

EMS Personnel can ACCEPT the Request for Transport at the Acceptance webpage  (link)

Once a Request has been Accepted, Hospital Personnel will receive an email update

Transport Review Windows will Display all Transport Request/Acceptance Activity

On the Date/Time the Transport takes place, EMS Personnel will simply click a button to inform all (EMS, 9-1-1, Hospital) the Transport is taking place. (link)

The Availability System grid will show Transport Activity (link)

Upon return, EMS Personnel will click on a button to Update the System. This is important because it 'closes the loop' and informs all involved that the transport has been completed.

The system is now up and running LIVE -

We will listen to all personnel involved and make changes as required to imporve the flow and efficiency of the system

YOUR participation is important...

YOUR feedback is essential...


Notes from JC Blair -

Honor the home services subscription program for those transports that the home service is not able to complete.

Once the transport request has been sent from JC Blair through the program, the home service has the
first 15 minutes to accept the transport. If after the 15 minutes are up and the home service has not accepted the transport, then it is open for any other service that is available to complete. For those transports over night and on weekends, if you are not able to complete the transport that evening, please send a response back stating the time that you would be able to complete.

Critical transports: You must be within 5 minutes of JC Blair to accept the critical transports. As these need to go ASAP, it is not in the patient’s best interest to wait for an ambulance.

As for those transports that a service may not be able to take at the time, but may take in the morning……please make a comment and notify the nursing supervisor of your intentions.